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Unleash Your Music with Beatroot
Distribution via AvenueAR

Beatroot is your ticket to getting your music on major streaming platforms and digital stores worldwide. We’ve helped countless artists like you to amplify their presence, gain new fans, and monetize their passion.


And now, there’s an exclusive way to submit your tracks through our collaboration with AvenueAR!


1. Get Discovered: Industry professionals partnering with AvenueAR might spot your talent and recommend you for distribution through Beatroot.

2. Stand Out: Feature your music on AvenueAR’s platform and gain exposure among industry insiders.


3. Effortless Submission: If selected, your path to Beatroot becomes smoother than ever. We value talent, and AvenueAR’s endorsement adds a unique touch to your submission.

Start Your Journey Today!

Join the ranks of artists who have made their mark with Beatroot Distribution. Collaborate with AvenueAR for your shot at being noticed by music professionals who can open doors to even greater opportunities.

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