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Why Beatroot Music?

We empower independence with an honest and transparent work ethic that returns value to our most important rights-holders: the artist. With a tight, resourceful team of professionals working in the music industry for more than 30 years, we commit full investment in our artists.


Our Mission

In a time when you can record a track in your bedroom, it’s tough to get your music heard when thousands of others are doing the same. Beatroot Music believes every artist is unique. Our team supports a release for the entirety of its life cycle. Our advanced content management system gives you autonomous control of your music. We will serve as your advocate on how you want to distribute your work and work by your side to customize a distribution strategy that aligns with your sound and reaches appropriate audiences. 

What We Do

There are a couple stages to a partnership with Beatroot Music:

PRE-RELEASE Our team works alongside the artist and their team to discuss the best marketing tactics to showcase the artist and their product. Our creative team recognizes the importance of originality and a shifting marketplace so never approaches a project the same way. We identify what sets this particular product apart and strategize on how to capitalize on those details.