Here’s how Beatroot Music supports artists:

Digital and Physical Distribution

Our experts cultivate strong relationships with every major digital service provider. As music consumption is experiencing an immense shift, it’s important your music is where the listeners are. We’ll determine the appropriate platforms to digitally distribute your music and maximize your reach on a global level.

Film/TV Synchronization

With our partners at Heavy Hitters Music Group, our synchronization services can get your music in front of Hollywood’s top music supervisors. We’ll determine the best placement – film, television, or commercial – based on your sound.

Vinyl and CD manufacturing

We also stick to tradition and provide discounted vinyl and CD manufacturing services. We have the resources to press your project and distribute it to major brick-and-mortar retailers.

Playlist submission and curation

Not only will your music appear on digital streaming platforms, but our clients can also receive prominent placement for optimal discovery. Due to our strong relationships with DSPs, we actively pitch curators for placement on trending playlists and homepage announcements. We will work with DSPs to deliver your music to your target audiences based on listening behaviors.

Sophisticated royalty system

Our dedicated team of experts has extensive knowledge of a complex industry and the necessary tools to accommodate royalty payments to you and any third-party participants. No matter where your music is distributed, we work by your side to make sure you are fairly compensated for your art.

Recording services

Beatroot Music clients receive exclusive recording access to our partner studio, 4U Recording. Located in Memphis, Tennessee, 4U is a premier recording and audio production studio housed with the latest, top-of-the-line equipment to achieve the sound you desire. Large spaces for rehearsals, intimate rooms for collaboration and brainstorming, and access to production and mixing programs ensure you are involved in every step of your music’s creation process.

Measuring Success

Beatroot Music has the latest, unrivaled analytical tools that are easy to access and understand. We gather data that’s most important to you with unrivaled clarity to measure your market performance. This in-depth information allows continual customization of your distribution strategy, so your music remains on the forefront.